Agroecology Continues Advancing in Cuba Despite the U.S. Blockade of the Island

Ecological agriculture was introduced in Cuba fifteen years ago.Havana (RHC) – The introduction of agro-ecology continues advancing in Cuba with reported increase of food production.

A spokesman for the Cuban Small Farmers Association, Ramón Aguiar, welcomed this Monday in Cuba the delegates to the Fourth International Meeting on Agroecology, Sustainable Agriculture and Cooperative Production. This important international gathering is being hosted by the Cuban Small Farmers Association at its main Training Center, in a town some forty five miles south of Havana.


The meeting has convened some 170 national delegates and eighty foreign guests from 20 nations. The international seminar will include visits by delegates to all provinces of Cuba, where they will be able to take a first-hand look at the promising results of ecological agriculture in Cuba.

Ecological agriculture was introduced in Cuba fifteen years ago, and it is yielding promising results as it has been developed by many individual and cooperative producers.