A World Claim to the Sense of Shame

Former U.S Attorney General Ramsey Clark received the Order of Solidarity of Cuban Republic in a crowded tribune held during the 9th Colloquium for the Five which was concluded last November 17 in Holguín.

Holguín, Nov. 18 (Juventud Rebelde) – A hundred  pigeons flew into the air when thousands of people from Holguín gathered together around the monument of Ché in this city, raising their hands to claim the freedom of the Five. The music of John Lennon invited one to imagine a world of peace on a morning that had stated with a mass walk headed by René González and relatives of Gerardo, Antonio, Fernando, and Ramón.

At the Mass Rally of Solidarity, the mothers of the Five presented the former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark with the Order of Solidarity of the Cuban Republic.

Thus, the prominent lawyer and world defender of the movements that struggle for civil rights, was acknowledged because his categorically claims the end of the blockade against Cuba, and for the freedom of the Five.

The president of the Cuban Friendship Institute, Kenia Serrano read the resolution of the Council of State signed by President Raúl Castro.

Clark said that «the Cuban Revolution is the greatest revolution of all time», and he made a call «to keep on this route, because the success of the Cuban project is a shared success.»

In his speech on the Tribune, René González Sehwerert considered the value of solidarity, and especially the value of letters, a protective shield for the Five during their 15 years in prison.

Young people ratified their commitment to the struggle for the full return of the Heroes. Pioneers and amateur artists dedicated beautiful love hymns to the participants in the mass rally headed by the First Secretary of the Communist Party in Holguín, Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, and the president of Provincial Assembly of  People’s Power, Sucel Téllez.

Relatives of the victims of the horrible crime that took place in Barbados 37 years ago, were also at the final declaration of the 9th Colloquium for the Liberation of the Five, and against Terrorism, which was approved by the delegates in the morning of November 17th .  The member of the international movement of solidarity, Graciela Ramírez reported the main activities that the groups of solidarity will do.

They agreed to intensify their support to the actions that convey the spreading and clarification of the case of the Five within the population, mainly the people of the United States, and to ask president Obama to practice his constitutional power and free Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio, and Fernando, before their sentences are served. They also decided to encourage participation in other international encounters that will be held in 2014.

The representative of the solidarity groups will summon the youth organizations from all over the world to celebrate concerts, educational forums, marathons, and other activities to defend this noble cause, specially in the 18th World Festival of Youth and Students in Quito, Ecuador.

Ramón sent a message to the Colloquium

Participants in the Colloquium received a message from Ramón Labañino, from the Federal Prison of Ashland, Kentucky, which his daughter Laura read.

«It’s the time! We need a strong and endless rain of solidarity, a battle to claim justice, until we achieve the final victory and we will meet, and enjoy a new sunset betweenamong all of us.»

Ramón assured he had followed the encounter in Holguín, and he appreciated the token of solidarity and expressed his optimism in victory.

He said in his message «René is our vanguard, our first standard-bear, as Gerardo would say. René represents Five men who decided to give their lives for the good act of saving lives, to avoid wars.»