Cuba, Angola Celebrate Anniversary of Establishment of Relations

Imagen activaLuanda, Nov 15 (Prensa Latina- Cuba and Angola celebrate today the 38th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, forged by the blood of many of their children for the independence of this African nation. As part of the evocation, the Havana embassy in Luanda expresses in a statement that those ties were forged some centuries ago, since the birth of the Caribbean nation, made up -in high proportion- of slaves taken to the island from African lands.

According to the note, “the spirit of rebellion of those slaves and their love to freedom were also decisive in the fight for the independence of Cuba.”

The document remembers that some centuries later, after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, “many of our compatriots returned to this continent, to support the national liberation movements and fight for the independence and sovereignty of these lands.”

The historical relationships of friendship and cooperation between Angola and Cuba, strengthened in the common struggle against colonialism and apartheid, are making progresses today in all fields, the text says.

More than 4,000 Cuban collaborators are currently working in Angola in areas of health, education, construction, culture, energy and water, fighting malaria, among others, the note states.

More than 500,000 Angolan students are studying in Cuba in different university careers, to contribute to the development of Angola, in different sectors of the life in this country, the diplomatic mission’s letter continues.

The establishment of diplomatic relations between the two nations took place on November 15, 1975, four days after the proclamation of independence of this African country.