District Councilors Report to their Voters at Constituency Assemblies

Havana, Cuba, Nov 1 (acn) – In an action of real participatory democracy, councilors in all Cuban territories will conclude their reports to their constituencies on Friday, a process in which voters debate different issues relevant to the local governments’ performance. The last voters’ assemblies are scheduled to take place in some central and eastern Cuban provinces.

Parliament official Roberto Armas said that out of 76 thousand 747 scheduled meetings, one thousand 300 were put off due to intense rains, while another 73 assemblies were also affected by power cuts. These meetings usually take place at night in residential districts, after neighbors conclude their working hours.

However, Armas considered the process as crucial for all voters and the people have real and effective participation in government decisions. This affirms the concept that the top authority in each district is the delegate or councilor, who represents the people at the Municipal Government Assembly.

The denunciation of illegal acts, the assessment of major concerns related to everyday life in the districts have been two major issues at the center of debates and analysis by the neighbors.