Blockade against Cuba is Anachronistic, French Intellectual Says

Paris, Oct 29 ( Prensa Latina) – The economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba is a cruel and anachronistic measure, registered at the time of the so-called Cold War, denounced here the French academic Salim Lamrani.

Salim LamraniLamrani, professor at the universities Paris Sorbonne and Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée told Prensa Latina on the occasion of the vote on Tuesday at the UN General Assembly the draft resolution on the need to end this unjust policy.

While the U.S. blockade has not achieved its goal of destroying the Cuban Revolution, it is the main obstacle to the development of the country, said the intellectual.

Since it was enforced in 1962 and until April 2013 the economic damage inflicted on the Cuban people rise over a billion dollars, considering the depreciation of that currency against the value of gold.

During the current administration headed by Barack Obama it has been more viciously applied imposing more sanctions against Cuba, particularly in its extraterritorial aspect.

He exemplified this talking about the heavy fines imposed in recent years by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the Treasury Department at Dutch bank ING and Swedish multinational Ericsson, due to its relations with Cuba.

“French law cannot be applied in Spain, or Italian in France. However, U.S. law on economic sanctions applies to all countries that trade with Cuba”, denounced Lamrani.

He has a PhD in Iberian and Latin American Studies and has written several books including “Washington against Cuba, half a century of terrorism” and “State of siege. The U.S. economic sanctions against Cuba”.

In his statements to the agency, the French journalist also said that in addition to the vote at the UN, governments should have the political courage to reject the extraterritorial application of the blockade, as it is said, it is a question of elemental sovereignty.

“But there are just a few countries prepared to do so. After knowing that the National Security Agency have been spying on them for years”, said the French academic.