Multi-purpose Cargo Ship Built in Cuba in Route to Venezuela

Havana, Cuba, Oct 25 (acn) – As part of the regional integration policy implemented by the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of our Americas (ALBA), the third multipurpose cargo ship built for Venezuela at the Damex shipyard, in the Cuban capital, departed Thursday, Thursday Oct 24thto the South American nation.

The new boat will operate as part of a fleet for international trade and support humanitarian actions to be taken in the event of natural disasters, as it was in the case of assisting Cuba following the damage inflicted by hurricane Sandy in the eastern part of the island.

Fitted with modern navigation and satelite communication systems, as well as with all technical conditions, according to international regulations and norms of safety for sailing and preserving human life at sea, the ship particularly design to navigate in the Caribbean sea.

According to Cuba-Venezuela joint cooperation accords for 2014, another boat is scheduled to be built and delivered by Damex shipyard to Venezuela. Also included is the construction of two patrol boats that will be equally operated by the Bolivarian Navy.