New Isolation of US at UN for Blockade on Cuba Forecast

Imagen activaUnited Nations, Oct. 24 (Prensa Latina) –  The permanent representative of Nicaragua at UN, Maria Rubiales, assured today that the United States will remain isolated again next Tuesday at the General Assembly, where a new draft Resolution will be put to the vote to put end to the blockade on Cuba. We know that it will happen, because the vast majority of the peoples and governments worldwide are against such inhuman and criminal act, stated Rubiales in an interview granted to Prensa Latina.

We will not only see two or three countries, but the vast majority will push the green button to demand the lifting of sanctions. We will also listen to speeches from representatives of Africa, Latin America and other regions condemning the blockade she announced.

To Rubiales, it can’t be overlooked that the United States blocks an island that does not send soldiers with weapons to attack other countries, as the US government does, but sends armies of doctors and teachers to other countries.

In October 29, the UN General Assembly will vote, for 22nd time on a resolution for the need to put an end to the siege to which economic damages to Cuba has cost one billion 157,327 million dollars.

The Nicaraguan diplomat called the attention on the US efforts to ignore, every year, the demand of the international community to the UN main body.

The UN voting history on the resolution against the US blockade shows that it has never reached more than 5 countries that oppose it with the number of countries abstaining from voting declining over the years.