U.S. Hostility Against Cuba Exposed at the United Nations

United Nations, October 21 (RHC) –  The use by the United States of radio and TV frequencies to promote its Policy of blockade and Subversion against Cuba was denounced Cuban delegate Lisandra Astiasarán at the 68th United Nations General Assembly.

The U.S. blockade, the delegate said, makes it difficult or impossible to acquire equipment and medicines for the treatment of sick children. Hospitals for infants and children lack certain medicines either developed in the United States or controlled by US Pharma groups which refuse to sell them to Cuba.

Astiasarán told the Third Commission of the UN General Assembly, dealing with social and humanitarian affairs, that the US blockade has already caused losses assessed at 39 million dollars this year .

She pointed out that a world-renowned Cuban medical institution that performs heart surgery and transplants to children cannot purchase nitrous oxide from the US. This gas is used to treat children with pulmonary embolism and those who undergo heart transplants. The gas has to be imported at higher prices from other suppliers, and the increased costs amount to millions of dollars.

All in all, innocent children wind up being the victims of a brutal US policy.