Cuban Youths for the Rights of New Generations

Cuban Youths for the Rights of New Generations

Aug.13 (ACN) – Cuba’s Young Communist League marked International Youth Day, August 12, with a call for the struggle in defense of the rights of the new generations in the face of the reality imposed by imperialism.

In a message issued on August 12 to all friends from around the world, the Young Communist League says that August 12 was declared International Youth Day by the United Nations General Assembly and that this year, the theme chosen by the UN, “Building a better world: Partnering with Youths,” is a world call to fight for the rights of the new generations, who are the protagonists of the present times and builders of the future.

The organization recalls that at present over 200 million youths are living under poverty conditions, 130 million of people are illiterate, 80 million are unemployed and 10 million are suffering from HIV-Aids. Violence, drug addiction, delinquency and crime are the consequences of an imperialist society, enemy of humankind.

The ideas expressed by Commander Fidel Castro Ruz in his message sent to the youths that participated at the 17th World Festival of Youths and Students, constitute true challenges for the future of the young generations, as he alerted about the dangers pending on us, to the point that human life could disappear as a result of “extermination wars, climate change, hunger, lack of water, inequalities,” or of a nuclear war that would vanish all possibilities for life to exist, the message reads.

We will not yield or allow the empire to deceive the world. The development of societies stands for the development of their youths. This is also the occasion to dignify all those, who have given their lives in defense of the peoples’ fair ideals and causes. We pay tribute and express or eternal commitment to all of them.

The message concluded by stressing that the young generations have the right to a different future, and this world deserves to see the end of the suffering of the human species from the injustice of the capitalist system and a world tyranny. Let’s find the ways to prevent the future from burying our dreams forever.