July 26th Marked throughout Latin America

July 26th Marked throughout Latin America

Havana, July 27 (RHC) – As Cubans celebrated National Rebellion Day on July 26 and expressed their commitment to the Socialist Revolution, the historic date was also observed with solidarity rallies in other nations in this region and around the world.

In Puerto Rico, the only remaining US colony in the Caribbean, the Communist Party expressed its solidarity with the island by stressing that the Cuban Revolution is an example for the nations of Latin America and the world despite the U.S. blockade and permanent anti-Cuba campaigns.

In Panama, Cubans and Panamanians marked the anniversary in the port city of Colon with a mass rally at the Cuba square and they paid homage at the busts of Cuban National Hero Jose Marti, independence hero Antonio Mace and outstanding physician Carlos J. Finlay.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez issued a communiqué describing the historic feat as a key factor on the road to the victory of the Cuban Revolution and a founding event of the liberation struggle of Latin American nations.

In Paraguay, the Communist Party said that the unity of nations in the defense of ongoing liberation processes is the only guarantee for their victory over exploitation and exclusion.

In Guatemala, Cuban health workers marked National Rebellion Day with a declaration stressing their commitment to the Cuban revolution and their compromise with their historic leaders.

July 26 Celebrations were also marked in Bolivia, as foreign minister David Choquehuanca expressed his country’s admiration, respect and solidarity for the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters held in the U.S. since 1998.

The historic date is of great significance to all those nations currently fighting for their liberation, said Ecuadoran ambassador to Bolivia Ricardo Ulcuango.

Other expressions of solidarity came from other nations of the world, including Angola, where the first secretary of the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), Bento Sebastiao thanked the Cuban people for their sacrifice in favor of the wellbeing of the Angolan people.