Cuban Highlights: New Tax Law and Readiness to Talk with USA

Cuban Highlights: New Tax Law and Readiness to Talk with USA

Havana, July 28 (Prensa Latina) – A tax law slated to replace the one in force since 1994 and the announcement by President Raul Castro about Cuba’s readiness to talk with the United States on equal foot are highlights of the week ending today.

An outcome of the 9th Ordinary Period of the Seventh legislature, the tax law is part of the updating of the nation’s economic model, as the over 300-measure plan approved by the 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba is known.

The initiative seeks the contribution of individuals and legal entities to the State according to their capacity, in order to favor the development of the country and the best use of natural resources and the environment.

The new Tax System Law adds another seven taxes, reaching 25, besides including stimulus to those that comply with the agreed policy.

In his closing speech of the parliamentary meeting, President Raul Castro described economic performance in the past few months as favourable and urged to project the country’s sustainable development as the economic model is being updated.

Also this week, during the ceremony to mark National Rebellion Day, President Raul Castro reaffirmed the country’s willingness to establish an open dialogue on equal foot with the United States, with no diplomatic links since 1961.

“Any day they want, the table is set. This has already been said through diplomatic channels. If they want to talk, we will talk, but on equal foot because we are nobody’s colony, nobody’s puppet,” he said.