The International Support for The Five

The International Support for The Five

As the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba has intensified, the U.S.has also increased the mistreatment against the Cuban Five, unfairly imprisoned in U.S. territory for nearly 14 years.

The movement of solidarity with the cause of the Five, as they are known internationally, does not stop and is growing around the world.

Latin America has been and continues to be the scene of action in favor of Gerardo Hernandez, Rene Gonzalez, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez.

In Managua, the Nicaraguan capital, social movements demanded the immediate release of four Cubans who remain in jails and subject to violations and abuses.

This is the case of Gerardo Hernandez, who could not be visited by Cuban officials, although it had been approved by the U.S. authorities themselves.

It is not the first time that the most elementary rights of the Cuban fighters are violated. In its hostile policy toward Cuba, U.S.authorities have been merciless with the five victims of a biased trial with political motivations.

Solitary confinement without justification, difficulties of receiving legal personal correspondence are some of the abuses committed against the Cuban Five. Gerardo could not be visited by his wife Adriana, or conceive a child.

All these injustices arouse the indignation of many in the world who join forces to secure the release of the four Cubans who remain in prison and return to Cuba of Rene, released last October but subject to an additional punishment of three years that he should play in the U.S., where his life can be in danger.

In Lima, Peruvian’s capital, was also the scene of a meeting in favor of Gerardo, René, Ramón, Fernando and Antonio. Participants contrasted the attitude of the U.S.administration in the case of the five and tolerance of terrorist groups based in its territory.

“Planting ways” is a beautiful and emotional initiative of young Latin Americans who have taken up the cause of the Cuban Five.

Their tour through Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina demonstrates their support for the Cuban people’s struggle and the return to the homeland.

These are just some of the actions that take place daily in the world to mobilize public opinion against the unfair sanctions they were subjected to, for fighting terrorism against their country.