US Farmers Acknowledge Potential of Cuban Market

US Farmers Acknowledge Potential of Cuban Market

Havana, Cuba, July 11 (ACN) – Members of the Illinois Farm Bureau acknowledged the potential of the Cuban market for their agricultural products, according to an article published by the Herald Review Web site.

The assertion was made after a recent visit to the island of 18 farmers of that US state, who carry out market research in several countries.

Adam Nielsen, legislative director of the Bureau, said that the trip to Cuba showed the island’s potential for U.S. investments and the sale of products beyond agricultural commodities.

Tamara Nelson, the Bureau’s senior director of commodities, explained that these studies serve as training on aspects related to the dynamics of exports and the foreign market.

A study carried out by the Center for North American Studies at the Texas A&M University estimated that if the blockade against Cuba is lifted, agricultural exports from Illinois would increase by some 6.6 million dollars a year, 15 % more than what was exported in 2009.

The article published by the Herald-Review explains that although Washington allows sales of agricultural products to the island, regulations imposed to carry them out are very complicated.

Nelson pointed out that Cuba should pay in cash and in advance, before the cargo leaves US ports, and it should be done by way of a third party and never through a US bank. Canadian or French entities could be used, but this represents an additional regulatory component for the two parties.

Tamara Nelson stressed that a large number of groups from Illinois have visited the island, so “when they think about Illinois there, they remember corn and soy,” she added.