Struggle for the Release of the Cuban Five Intensifies

Struggle for the Release of the Cuban Five Intensifies

Havana, Cuba, June 15 (ACN) – The President of the Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five in Paraguay, Ligia Prieto called out for regional conferences to demand the immediate release of the five anti terrorist fighters on Fathers Day.

She pointed out that in such an important day, all those that fight for the release of the Five are like sons and daughters of those patriots considered heroes by the Cuban people.

In statements to Prensa Latina News Agency, the former legislator urged for everyone to organize the support of integration entities like Mercosur, UNASUR and other regional institutions to unite their forces in the need to continue the fight for the Cuban Five in order for them to return to their families by the end of the year.

Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Gerardo Hernández, Fernando González and René González were sentenced to long prison terms that range from 15 years to two life sentences plus 15 years for attempting to stop terrorist actions against the Cuban people.

Rene Gonzalez who is currently in the state of Florida under a three year supervised release after complying with his prison term, cannot return to his homeland and family constituting an addition punishment.

Prensa Latina reported that Prieto works intensely with the Commission in Solidarity with Cuba in the Paraguayan Parliament with the objective of showing the US that there is no indifference regarding the issue of the Cuban Five in the world.

We want to tell President Barack Obama, she said, that if he wants the international community to remember him for a positive action, he must immediately release the five, only he, Prieto pointed out has the executive power to do so.

In Lima, Peru, the participants of a solidarity activity held in the municipality of Los Olivos demanded their release on occasion of having recently completed five thousand days since their detention in Florida in 1998.

Gustavo Espinoza, President of the Peruvian Committee in Solidarity with the Five called on using all possible mechanisms to demand President Barack Obama to pardon the five anti terrorist fighters in order for them to join their family before the end of the year.

Juana Martinez, Cuban ambassador to Peru, thanked all those that have expressed their solidarity with her fellow countrymen and said that their release is an absolute priority for the island.