Cuba Reiterates Support of Argentina at the UN

Cuba Reiterates Support of Argentina at the UN

Havana, Cuba, June 15 (ACN) – Cuba reiterated at the United Nations its firm support of Argentina’s sovereignty over the Malvinas islands, named Falklands by the British, as inseparable portion of Argentinean national territory.

Cuba’s position is crystal clear, the Malvinas islands are and will continue to be an Argentinean territory, said Cuban permanent representative at the UN Pedro Nuñez Mosquera in the presence of Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez, who attended a session of the Decolonization Committee on the Malvinas Islands.

The Cuban diplomat recalled that 29 resolutions on the Malvinas have been adopted by the Decolonization Committee and he underscored the resolution passed by the UN General Assembly in 1965 defining the issue as a dispute of sovereignty between Argentina and the United Kingdom.

This document, said Mosquera, clearly expresses that the problem must be solved through negotiations between the two states.

The Cuban representative recalled that the South Atlantic archipelago was occupied by the British in 1933, who forcibly expelled the Argentinean population and authorities from the islands and began the replacement of the original Malvinas dwellers with British people.

Nuñez Mosquera stressed the international community´s firm support of Argentina, whose government has always been willing to sit at the bargaining table in order to recover the exercise of its sovereignty over the islands.