Danny Glover Ratifies Compromise with the Cause of the Cuban Five

Danny Glover Ratifies Compromise with the Cause of the Cuban Five

Havana, Apr 23 (Prensa Latina) The famous American actor Danny Glover is one of the most active fighters for the cause of five Cubans imprisoned in U.S. jails since 1998.

The star of films such as Lethal Weapon and The Color Purple said he decided to join the fight for the Cuban antiterrorists during the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2003, just after looking at the faces of the wives and mothers of the Five.

In an exclusive interview with the newspaper Trabajadores, Glover expressed he considers Gerardo Hernandez (one of the fighters) as his spiritual brother, and added he not only wants his freedom but also that of his four companions, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramon Labanino and Rene Gonzalez.

The leader of the Actors and Artists of the United States for the freedom of the Cuban Five Campaign stated that in political terms there is still not enough pressure on president Barack Obama, no quid pro quo, and perhaps the government does not see the convenience to free these innocent men.

For that reason, he stated, we must continue to spread the truth around the world. The more people we bring to the table the greater the amount that we will have for the cause of the Cuban Five.

For Glover it is necessary for many people understand the senselessness of what has happened in Cuba during the last 50 years and more, and said his relationship with the island is emotional, sincere and practical, so it holds its existence.

He stressed that these men are a paradigm, proactive in the fight against a serious problem: the incessant attacks of the U.S. government against the Cuban Revolution.

The Cuban Five, he noted, responded honorably, they risked their lives by conviction, gathered information and protected the people without taking the law into their hands.

Referring to his relationship with Gerardo Hernandez, recalled that the first time he met him in prison, two years ago reinforced his feelings against the injustice committed against these antiterrorists.

Gerardo is truly extraordinary. His love for Adriana is admirable. What they feel to each other is like that love we all dream of, he pointed about the link between the fighter and his wife, who was repeatedly denied a visa to travel to America.

According to Glover, be tenacious and persistent are key elements in the fight. Every opportunity to explain the situation of the Five must be seized, because “for a period of time the mass media have been closed to us”.

More than 25 years ago, he recalled, we had access to reports on CBS. Long before the scandal of Fox News, you could have a dialogue about what Cuba is. Now there is a successful intention of minimizing the impact of television to explain what is happening in our world.

The fight takes already a level of urgency, and the more people know about these families the less they will be isolated in Havana. Cuban people can not be the only one who carries this burden, we also have the duty to give a hand, he pointed.